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Welcome to Loving Life Chiropractic Ottawa! We look forward to the opportunity of working with you to get the very best results for you health and life.

My name is Dr Craig Hindson and I am the Practice Director. I work with the incredibly talented Dr. Marie-Claude Lambert and we are your Ottawa family chiropractors, conveniently located at McKellar Park, Westboro just 4 minutes from the main 417 highway with easy access, plenty of parking and Saturday hours.

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Loving Life Chiropractic Ottawa exists to help you and your family live a fuller and more vibrant life.

In our office we do this by, most importantly, listening to your unique needs and goals. We then use state of the art technology to detect imbalance in your nervous system and spine.

A care program is created for  you, to achieve your goals by correcting any spinal, nerve system and ultimately overall health imbalance that we identify.

Regular workshops  and  assessments to monitor progress and your changing goals, is a key part of our process. Our aim is to achieve the most 3 important things for you and for us .... results, results, and results!

The following video describes how you can get exceptional results in areas of your health and performance which you would not usually think of.

As a bilingual practice we serve people Ottawa and from across the local Ontario and Quebec regions with families regularly travelling from areas such as Embrun, L'Ange Gardien, Almonte, Metcalf and Arnprior for care.  We also have international chiropractic patients coming to our historic site for their chiropractic "tune up" as they pass through Ottawa.

Where is Loving Life Chiropractic Ottawa?

Located in the beautiful "Old McKellar Farmhouse" at 842 Byron Ave in the McKellar Park / Westboro area of Ottawa, we are just 10 minutes west of Downtown and  we are committed to providing powerful chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs.

People present to our office with many issues ranging for back pain to migraines to kidney failure to neck pain and more.

We know that chiropractic care has been getting excellent results since 1895, helping the body regain health with cases that many mainstream providers of healthcare had given up on.

With over 30 years experience of chiropractic care, we have witnessed many people recover their health with issues as far ranging as partial deafness, sciatica, shortness in breathing, heart issues, seizures, immune system failure and much, much more.

For a brief tour of our practice click on the short video below.

For exercises and health hints and tips on improving the integrity of the spine and thus nerve system subscribe to our You Tube Channel here or by clicking on the You Tube logo below:

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Loving Life Chiropractic | 842 Byron Ave | Ottawa | K2A OH8 | T: 613 725 2525

Find A Chiropractor Who Is Right For You

We are located in Ottawa and we pride ourselves on getting great results. However,  we may not be the right office for you. That is why we initially do a no charge consultation.

If we are not a great fit for each other we will gladly find someone who will work better for you to help you achieve your goals.

If you live out of area or you would like information on how to find a chiropractor who is the best fit for you then give us a call on

(613) 725-2525

Remember. Obtaining great health and optimal results through chiropractic care is a journey.

The team at Loving Life Chiropractic Ottawa have been on that journey and have also been helping people find great chiropractic services for over 3 decades. Both Doctors at our chiropractic office in Ottawa were patients for years before deciding to go into chiropractic as a profession... well a vocation...in fact, more of a calling! 

Our passion is that you have a great experience with your chosen chiropractic office so that you and your family can see the far reaching benefits of a body and nervous system working harmoniously and in balance.

And don't worry .... if you don't find the right chiropractor straight away, just try again.

After all Loving Life is a journey and not a destination and we are here for you on your journey!

Light & Blessings Always,

Dr Craig, Dr Marie-Claude and The Team at Loving Life Chiropractic