Meet Your Ottawa Chiropractors!

A warm welcome from your Ottawa Chiropractors  Dr Craig Hindson and Dr Marie-Claude Lambert DC. They are proud to have been serving the community both here and in the United Kingdom  for over 17 years. But who are the team from Loving Life Chiropractic?

Dr Craig Hindson DC BEng

Dr Craig Hindson is chiropractic doctor, speaker and author focusing on family chiropractic care. 

Originally from the UK, as an engineer with the Royal Marine Commandos through the 2002 Afghanistan and 2003 Iraq War, he was responsible for unit "decompression training" as the troops returned from theatre.

In his work with families Dr Craig has developed a particular passion for helping children and adults more effectively convert their physical, chemical and emotional stress into health.

Dr Craig's full story is here.

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Dr Marie-Claude Lambert DC

Born in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Dr Marie-Claude has been involved with chiropractic care for over 25 years as both patient and Doctor. She has over 17 years of experience as a chiropractic Doctor  working with moms, dads, children and babies, improving overall health of families in the community.

She had both her children at home and with her work, talks and presentations in the community she is becoming know as a natural pregnancy mentor.  She is particularly passionate about working with children and she regularly helps babies with a spectrum of issues including, sleeping, feeding and development issues.

Dr Marie - Claude's full story is here.

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